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up to 30% off monthly plans for NHS

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To get your discount please first make your purchase using the Get Deal button above THEN return here and click below within 30 days of connection:

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The Vodafone Advantage discount is available on 12- or 24-month Pay monthly plans, including SIM only plans. The discounts are:

• 15% off any Pay monthly phone, iPad or tablet plan, including Vodafone Outlet offers
• 30% off any 12/24-month Pay monthly SIM only plan

There’s a £10 membership fee for joining the scheme.

How to claim your discount:

1. Click on 'Get Deal' above

You will be taken to the Vodafone website. Select the phone & tariff and make your purchase online.

2. Click on 'Join Advantage Scheme & Claim Discount'

Complete the online form using a valid work email address. You will be emailed to let you know when the discount has been applied.

Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions apply - please view the Vodafone Advantage page.